This is a chlorine-containing formula disinfectant, in which the special activator activates the chloride ions and further releases ecological oxygen atoms. The strong oxidizing properties of the ecological oxygen destroy the proteins on the bacteria or virus, leading to kill pathogen and eliminate odour. This product harmless to human body and ECO friendly, without creating secondary pollution. Especially inactive COVID-19.

Strong effects on Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosaetc, etc. in every corner of the interior space. Also, effectively kill bacteria, viruses, molds, mites and remove odour, making the interior air fresh and natural again. It is suitable for various types of vehicles, useful for sterilization and disinfection at office, apartment, shops and elevators.

INGREDIENTS:Sodium hypochlorite: 0.02% filtered sterilized water: 95.70% others: 4.28%

1, Sanitize both hands.
2, Put on mask, goggle and gloves.
3, Setup product then disinfect doors.
4, Start engine and turn on ‘Fresh Air Mode’, then disinfect interior space.
5, Disinfect space as beneath seat, multiple times.
6, Disinfect trunk.
7, After disinfection, turn off ‘Fresh Air Mode’ and close doors, for 10 minutes.
8, Open doors, turn on A/C and tune it to max value, for 3 minutes.
9, Clean interior and trunk by cleaning cloth with fresh water.
10, Clean doors by cleaning cloth with fresh water.

Normally, the product applied in foggy form. If dripping or splashing liquids off, clean it by cleaning cloth with fresh water, immediately.