About us

AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS, INC. DBA, known as ACS® is located in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

ACS® has grown to become a leading worldwide manufacturer and brand marketer of innovative automotive specialty chemicals, motor oils, industry lubricants, and services; ACS® provides the highest quality products to automotive professionals, to ensure they can perform necessary maintenance service of the highest quality on any consumer vehicle.

They are capable of complying or surpassing the recent American Petroleum Institute SN service classification, designed mostly for trucks, vans, utility vehicles, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Our commitment to quality, service and integrity makes us a reliable partner in today's challenging manufacturing environment. We take pride of the superior quality of our products and implement the best quality control practices in the industry.

Also, ACS® offers more than 1,000 products for practically every application in the automotive aftermarket industry: gasoline system, engine system, transmission system, power steering, cooling system, and diesel additives, also metal conditioners products, appearance and car care products, and repair products, aerosol cleaners, motor oils, and industry lubricants as well as industrial chemicals.